Acrylic Painting Kit Complete Starter Set

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Acrylic Paint Starter Set

Includes ALL of the following…..

Desk Easel
8″x10″ Titian Stretched Canvas
12″x16″ Titian Stretched Canvas
5″x7″ Canvas Panel
8″x10″ Canvas Panel
11″x14″ Canvas Panel
Oval Wood Palette
Plastic Mixing Palette 10 well
Acrylic Colour Set 24 tubes
Bristle Brush Set 5 pcs

All wooden table easel with storage compartment

We have assembled a great starter kit with everything you need for acrylic painting. To start with we have included a high quality, all wooden desk easel with a very handy 3 section storage compartment that can hold all your paints, canvas panels and other materials you may wish to bring with you on your painting outing or to keep everything stored in one place at home.

The easel has an easily extendable top arm to allow larger canvases to be secured to a size up to 65cm in height.

The easel includes a solid handle which transforms the easel into an easy to transport case with rubber feet to protect it when placed on the ground.

Solid wooden construction and corners protect the easel and its contents if accidentally dropped.

2 Professional Artist Canvases

We’ve included 2 professional Artist Canvases in this kit. The Titian Professional canvases are a step up to the regular stretched canvases and include proper folded cornes with staple-free edges. The premium unbleached cotton canvas is triple primed with acrylic gesso and is acid-free suitable for both acrylic and oil paints.

To ensure the best possible support for the streched canvas a heavy duty US pine wood is used and is Kiln dried to ensure stability and a secure base for you to invest your time and effort.

8″x10″ Canvas
12″x16″ Canvas

3 Canvas Panels

We’ve included 3 various sized canvas panels in the kit. These are great for practicing your technique and are very portable and easy to transport fitting easily in the carry box in the easel, included in this kit.

5″x7″ Canvas Panel
8″x10″ Canvas Panel
11″x14″ Canvas Panel

Wooden Palette

An ideal wooden palette for mixing colours and keeping the paint close at hand while painting with the other hand.

Plastic Mixing Palette – 10 Well

Included in your kit along with the wooden palette is a plastic mixing palette with a clear sealing lid. This is extremely useful in acrylic painting due to the fast setting time of acrylic paint. This palette will keep paint wet for a considerable time without the need for wet pads which can dilute your paint.

The palette also includes a useful centre section for mixing various colours together.

24 Tube Acrylic Paint Set

The kit includes a complete 24 tube acrylic paint selection. This selection includes all the colours you need to mix and create almost any colour you can immagine.
We have been careful to select an affordable yet good quality paint that we use ourselves in our studio. The paint has a good viscosity similar to oil paints and a good pigment intensity.

5 Piece brush set

We include 5 very useful brushes in this kit. There are 2 sizes of round brush which is ideal for fine detail and creating thin to thick lines.

We also include 2 sizes of flat brush which is suited to filling broad areas down to thin lines when turned 90 degrees.

We also include a fan brush which is great for dry brushing effects such as grass or shrubs and is also useful for blending colours.

Acrylic Painting Unboxing Video
We have given one of our kits to a highly valued customer of ours and extremely talented artist to take out on one of their painting sessions in Berrima, south of Sydney. They have greatfully created this unboxing video for use to illustrate on our website. Thank you!

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